The contract entitled “Communication and Printing Services for the “Climate Promise” project in Iran” was signed between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Ab va Mohitzist Paydar Sharif Consulting Engineers (ABOPA) in 2020 and it was completed in September 2021. The project is aimed at providing the necessary services to increase awareness on climate change including book printing, holding various training webinars and events, as well as designing the relevant motion graphics and infographics. Holding 18 training webinars using national and international university professors, providing 10 specialized infographics and preparing more than 45 minutes of motion graphics are key achievements of the project. Moreover, two events for students and startups were held under the project framework that were well understood and accepted by the target communities. ABOPA also provided technical support and scientific evaluation of the webinars, motion graphics, and infographics contents by working with national and international qualified experts on climate change.