Ab va Mohitzist Paydar Sharif (ABOPA) Consulting Engineers Company in cooperation with Urmia Lake Restoration Program (ULRP) generates the Project Documentation as a vital part of the project management. It includes two parts: “Knowledge Documentation” and “Content Production in several different formats for different people.” In the field of knowledge documentation, more than 60,000 report pages, thousands of slides, audios, videos in the standard categories were archived in the Central Library of Sharif University of Technology to provide an accurate history of all implemented measures for future use. Moreover, ULRP’s Documentation Center was set up in the ULRP head office.

In the field of content production, various efforts were made to increase public participation and awareness on Urmia Lake issues and ULRP’s activities by providing books, films, and podcasts as well as holding onsite and online events and collaborating with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) in preparing programs related to Urmia Lake. In this regard, the most important actions taken are:

  • Publishing the books “Executive Achievements”, “Study Achievements”, “Software Achievements” and “Socio-Cultural Achievements” of Urmia Lake Restoration National Plan
  • Publishing the book “Analytical History of Urmia Lake Restoration National Plan” containing 40 interviews with key persons in Urmia Lake Restoration National Plan
  • Publishing the book “Notes on Urmia Lake Restoration National Plan” including notes on the experiences of 28 water, environment and media experts
  • Publishing the book “Rapid assessment on water balance in Urmia Lake basin” in both Persian and English
  • Publishing the book “Legal Strategies for Conservation and Restoration of Urmia Lake” containing the papers presented in the international conference on legal opportunities for conservation and restoration of Urmia Lake
  • Setting up the systems “Urmia Lake Monitoring”, “Urmia Lake Spatial Database Infrastructure (ULSDI)” and “Value Chain Management System of Less Water Intensive Crops in West Azerbaijan”
  • Producing documentaries of “Chichast, An Unfinished Story”, “Earth Vessel”, “Once Upon a Time in Urmia Lake” and “Story of Effort, Hope and Revival”
  • Participation in Environmental Comedy TV Show “Shukhi Shukhi” and Promotion TV Show “Rouyesh”
  • Holding a series of webinars of Iran-California IWRM experiences exchange, student webinars on “Introduction to the Urmia Lake”, and Urmia University webinars as well as participating in Mashhad National Water Event
  • Producing an environmental podcast “ZistCast” to review the oral history of Urmia Lake Restoration National Plan