ULRP assigned the Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PRMU) to monitor and evaluate the completed studies in Urmia Lake Basin in order to achieve scientific consensus among all experts. In this regard, in addition to the studies conducted during the development of the Urmia Lake restoration roadmap, conducting various researches or case studies to meet the project needs in different fields were required. The considered strategy was to make best use of the capabilities of universities, consulting engineering companies, research centers and institutes, and scientific associations. In this regard, the seven-year action by completing 161 studies covered the research needs in the Basin for Lake restoration and introduced valuable sources of local and indigenous knowledge to help create acceptable restoration solutions and shape future studies. The studies were classified in seven categories: “Information, Data, and Database Management”, “Water Resources Management”, “Social and Economic Studies”, “Agriculture and Horticulture”, “Health and Dust control” and “Urmia Lake “.

Using the successful experiences of other countries in reviving the similar lakes can be instructive. Therefore, ULRP international cooperation division was established to introduce Urmia Lake problem as an international challenge as well as to provide international technical, scientific, and financial support for conducting various studies in the Basin. Taking responsibility for the implementation of the project entitled “Management of Studies and International Relations in Urmia Lake Restoration National Plan” by Ab va Mohitzist Paydar Sharif (ABOPA) Consulting Engineers Company, has become an invaluable experience for the company due to close scientific and executive collaboration between national and international scientific institutions.