One of the important approaches adopted by Urmia Lake Restoration Program (ULRP) has been to observe the hierarchical decision-making and decision-taking. In fact, ULRP have focused on collective intelligence for micro to macro plans to foster further collaboration among various organizations, governmental entities, academicians, experts, … Accordingly, different committees and specialized taskforces were formed in ULRP to convene meetings for collective decision making to tackle urgent issues. In this manner, decision-making was facilitated in case of ambiguities and conflicts in the implementation of the Lake restoration measures and the necessary policies were made to help ULRP move forward in the future. The process was carried out in Planning and Resource Mobilization Unit (PRMU) with the aim of “planning management”. In the framework of the project entitled “Planning management of Urmia Lake Restoration Program”, Ab va Mohitzist Paydar Sharif (ABOPA) Consulting Engineers Company was selected as a coordinator of the Steering Committee, Strategy Committee, Policy Making Committee, Coordination Committee, and the most important one, Urmia Lake Restoration National Committee” (ULRNC), as the highest decision-making body of the national plan. In fact, the company Moreover, it assessed the meetings of ULRNC and the above-mentioned committees and provides the necessary draft decisions.