Conservation of Iranian Wetlands Project (CIWP), a GEF-UNDP-Iranian Government joint project, was initiated in 2005 to improve the management of the country’s wetlands by focusing on ecological management at national and local levels, raising stakeholders’ participation and developing comprehensive management programs for the important wetlands. In this regard, part of Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness (CEPA) strategies are implemented, including communications, education and training, capacity building and awareness raising which play a crucial role in empowering local communities in the preservation and sustainable development of wetland ecosystems. Accordingly, CIWP tried to equip wetland centers of Shadegan, Bakhtegan and Quri Gol wetlands in the three provinces of Khuzestan, Fars and East Azerbaijan to raise the level of local people awareness and capacity building. Therefore, Ab va Mohitzist Paydar Sharif (ABOPA) Consulting Engineers was entrusted with the purchase of some office and electronic equipment and supplies. In this way, educational tools and equipment such as binoculars and telescopes for birdwatchers, projectors, … with the priority of availability in domestic markets, high quality, low cost, less supply time and having reliable after-sales service were selected and provided. After applying the quality control phase, they were sent to the wetland centers.