The project “Providing the necessary equipment and infrastructure to promote resilience and empowerment of Takhtak people in support of Sistani cattle breeding in the face of water stress and drought in the region” is under the “Enhancing integrated natural resource management for the restoration of wetland ecosystems and support to alternative livelihoods development of local communities” project as main project. The main project is a joint collaboration between UNDP and the Government of Islamic Republic of Iran and Department of Environment as national partner. Current project is trying to provide some livestock farmers, living in areas around and the beds of Hamoon wetland, with sufficient number of storage tanks for drinking water for their livestock. In addition, portable solar panels will be provided to farmers in order to provide lighting to meet basic needs of farmers. Finally, due to the importance of animal health, health items will be provided for the target community. Finally, in order to provide a suitable place for keeping livestock, scaffolding pipes, will be provided to have portable corridors.